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What Our Customers Say About Us

Peter created and delivered customized training to Technology professionals on understanding Business Requirements. He spent considerable time investigating the culture of our organization so that the training provided would be relevant and practical. Peter is an astute listener and a creative professional who is an expert in his field.

Alexis Bernard, Communications Specialist

Peter is a gifted educator and trainer who does an amazing job at introducing new concepts to others in a meaningful way to learn! He puts great energy and care into making sure his students learn effectively. It is a real pleasure to watch him in action!

Marla Brus, Enterprise Project Management Office Manager

Peter has been our lead course developer/trainer/consultant for Systems/Business Analysis and Project Management for over 17 years. Always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that he understands the client’s needs and delivers what he promises. Peter is respected in the industry for his work and we are proud to have him on our team.

Maria Esteves, Project Manager

Peter is a highly knowledgeable project manager with an expertise in agile development. I certainly enjoyed working with him and appreciate all that he did to help us develop system requirements and undertake an agile project in a waterfall culture. It was a truly Herculean effort.

Kyna Alders, Environmental professional

Peter was hired to implement a methodology to capture business requirements and succeeded. The methodology was easy for the Business to understand and robust enough to adequately capture the requirements. He is also a great instructor and helped staff learn many concepts around software development and project management. Finally, he is fun to work with. I highly recommend Peter

Ed Stahlman, Senior Business Analyst

Peter worked in my team as a senior Business analyst. Peter gathered requirements and documented them for the team. Peter was responsible for utilizing a new methodology, which the team was not familiar with and had not received training in. Peter brought all the required communication and teamwork skills required for the task and was very patient and flexible in bringing the team along and taking the effort to closure.

Srini Vasan, Project Manager

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