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System Development Series

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System Development series

Developing Effective Requirements Specifications

A 3-day workshop for business analysts, information systems personnel and project managers. A foundation workshop that deals with modern structured analysis techniques that are the basis for all the current methods and tools.

Systems Analysis and design

A 5-day workshop for those involved in the analysis and design of systems solutions. The workshop follows the sequence of steps through the analysis and design phases of a systems development project. Use case modelling is used together with agile practices to provide a structured approach for all sizes and types of projects.

The 21st Century Business Systems Analyst

A 5-day workshop for those involved in the analysis, design and management of systems projects. Novices and experts will discover a framework that will enable them to increase their confidence and enhance their skills.

Facilitating Requirements Elicitation

A 3-day workshop to develop interviewing and facilitation skills for requirements gathering, problem solving, process design, or similar activities related to business or system development. The workshop deals specifically with the people aspect of information gathering.

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