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Project Management Series

Maximize project success and avoid costly mistakes!

Essential Skills for Project Managers

This 3-day workshop will give you the project management tools and skills you need to succeed.

Lively lecture combined with relevant demonstrations and in-class practice will provide you with an in-depth understanding of what it takes to manage projects.

Project Risk Management

Risk refers to future conditions or circumstances that exist outside of the control of the project, and will have an adverse impact on the project IF they occur.

This workshop provides the concepts and techniques to effectively manage project risk throughout the life of the project

Saving Troubled Projects

This three day workshop will provide concise and practical tools for assessing troubled projects and initiating recovery procedures.

The methods and techniques are introduced through case studies and workshops based on real world situations. This workshop has a high proportion of hands-on workshops.

Software Project Estimating

A three day workshop that will enable participants to improve their estimating skills and increase confidence in their estimates.

You are shown how to select the most appropriate estimating technique for a specific situation and how to adjust the formulae and models to best fit your situation.

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