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Business Mastery Series

This is a series of workshops designed to produce specific results for each separate topic. The participants will work on their own businesses and produce usable results during the workshops.

Generating Profit & Growth

Apply appropriate strategies to generate growth and increased profit for the five main areas of your business.

The Extraordinary Power of Goal Setting

Enhance your skill at goal setting and increase your chances of achieving them.

Managing Risk in Your Business

Understanding and managing risk is a key element in business survivability.

Salability – The Valuation of Your Business

Whether you plan to sell or not, knowing the value of your business from the perspective of a buyer or investor can provide a powerful focus on the areas that can be improved.

Issue Management & Problem Solving

Dealing with issues and problems can be greatly enhanced by structured techniques and repeatable processes.

Delivering Effective Presentations

Increase you confidence by understanding the presenter’s relationship with the audience and following some basic ground rules and effective patterns.

Beyond Bullet Points

Using Microsoft Powerpoint or Apple Keynote to create presentations that inform, motivate, and inspire.

Mastering Facilitation

Facilitation is the art and science of enabling individuals or groups to achieve their goals.

Leverage Your Time & Productivity

Understand the time wasters and performance factors that affect your business and personal life every day.

Balancing the Six Pillars

During this workshop, you will have the chance to step back from your business and get focused.

Dealing With Conflict & Confrontation

With the right understanding of the causes and effects and the right tools to deal with it, managing conflict can be a positive.

Training Formats

One day live workshops


On line live webinars

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