FAQ Page

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Your coach is a brutally honest friend and confidant who will help you find you strengths, weaknesses, and potential.
Your coach is a part time board member who will listen to you and offer feedback and suggestions.
Your coach will enable you to reach levels that you would be unlikely to achieve on your own.

The first step is to evaluate you and your business against a set of criteria that will enable you to see clearly what is needed. Your coach will help you identify the specific activities and learning that you will need to achieve your goals.

The next step is to mutually agree a programme that will work for you, to establish priorities and build an action plan.

Once this is done, the action plan is entered in your calendar and then executed.

You will agree to carry out the activities in the plan with diligence and the coach will hold you to your commitment and guide you in terms of mindset, time management, and focus.

At each scheduled meeting, the coach will evaluate what is done, set the activities for the next period and provide any guidance or mentoring that you need. Each activity is measured for results and the plan adjusted if required.

The coach will provide you with continual support, answer questions, brainstorm issues with you, and find possible solutions to needs that arise.

The coaching process is run on a ninety-day cycle. At the end of each cycle there is a full evaluation of progress and the detailed plan for the next cycle is prepared.


You must be prepared to spend some time working on your business. The initial evaluation will establish your habits and behaviour patterns and the action plan is then based on your agreed availability.

Naturally you must agree to spend a meaningful amount of time or you will not see progress. Generally, about 4 hours a week is appropriate, and some of this is work you might already be doing for your business. All of the work you do will contribute to your personal and business growth.

First of all, it is an investment not an expense. You will almost certainly get a return on your investment, usually enough to cover a year of coaching in 3 to 6 months. Then the returns will keep increasing as you apply the lessons and strategies to your business. Our clients have discovered that the coaching is virtually free.

The 1 to 1 coaching is tailored for each client through a comprehensive alignment session before the coaching begins. The appropriate subject areas are identified and the priorities set so each client gets exactly what is needed for the specific business.

Sometimes a particular style of coach is not quite right for you. There are two options, one is to select another coach better matched to your needs. But you can also cancel the arrangement at any time. There is no binding contract, there is an agreement to work together which can be terminated without any penalty.