Peter Messervy Opus MagnumPeter Messervy is the CEO of the Opus Magnum companies.
Peter is a certified senior strategic coach, he has teamed up with ActionCOACH and holds an ActionCOACH license for London and Surrey.

Peter Messervy is an energetic teacher, writer and practitioner of business and system development, with a solid history of successful engagements that meet or exceed client requirements. A continuing cycle of practice, research and teaching keep all subject areas fresh and up to date.

Peter has over 35 years experience working with a wide range of businesses and non-profit organisations in a variety of industries. He is an experienced and passionate coach, trainer, and facilitator who works with business owners and teams around the world.

Peter began his career as a project management specialist, he worked for a few years with construction projects and during this time developed a passion for systems and methodologies. Peter continued his education in Information Technology and trained in system development and business analysis.

The evolution of small computers created a niche for systems in small and medium businesses and Peter started his own software development company. Peter was able to use his analysis and design skills to create solutions for many different types of business.

Peter was invited to teach at two universities. This led to the growth of a training business where he developed courses and taught business analysis, system design, and project management subjects, also providing coaching to large and small organisations around the world.