Peter Messervy Leadership Coach | Opus Magnum

Peter Messervy – an Introduction
Peter Messervy has been creating and developing businesses globally for over 35 years. More than that, he’s been […]

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Leadership Style | Peter Messervy of Opus Magnum

Leadership Style
What is your leadership style?

Are you more task oriented or more people oriented? Are you a detail person or prefer the big picture? Are you more likely to take a direct approach or an indirect approach to situations?

In business today there is so much diversity, which can lead to a whole lot of confusion about […]

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Goal Setting | Peter Messervy Opus Magnum

Goal Setting
Goal setting is a powerful tool if used effectively. I’m sure that everyone sets goals from time to time, the main problem seems to be in […]

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Business Coach | Peter Messervy Opus Magnum

Business Coach
Why would you want to hire a business coach? I have met many people who seem to think that business coaching is some kind of […]

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6 Steps to a Better Business | Opus Magnum

Better Business?
Would you like a better business? What would it look like? How can you build a better business?
Better Business – Learn how to increase your profits by 61%
During the seminar Peter Messervy gives delegates the chance to step out of their  business and get focused.They will walk away with concrete ideas on how to increase their […]

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Change Management | Peter Messervy of Opus Magnum

Change Management
Change management has two important components

Effectiveness – which is how well the change addresses the original problem or how much the change is needed.
Acceptability – the willingness of the people affected to embrace and support the change.

There is a life cycle of change that includes identifying the need for change, developing the vision and plan, and implementation and roll out. I’m just going to focus on […]

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Business Guidance | Peter Messervy Opus Magnum

Business Guidance
Business coach and mentor Peter Messervy from Opus Magnum was interviewed recently on his stand at the Kingston Business Expo. Peter is a professional coach, mentor and analyst with over 30 years experience in business development, ownership and teaching. He works with his clients to […]

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Time Management | Peter Messervy Opus Magnum

Time Management
You can’t really manage time. Time is a constant, at least from the human perspective.  24 hours in a day, that is 1440 minutes or 86400 seconds. Everyone from Sir Richard Branson to your local barber, experiences it at the same rate.

Time management is how you use time, and that means […]

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Business Coaching with Opusmagnum

You can choose from a range of business and executive coaching programs that will release your full potential and assist you in taking your business to the next level.

Coaching is a very personal process and there is no standard approach that fits every person or business. However, there are effective structures and frameworks that ensure that each […]

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